RAK for Anna Kovara

Journaling read
When you awaken in the morning and see the brightness of the morning sun,
Lock the door on yesterday and throw away the key.
For God has given you a brand new day.
Another day of love and laughter.

Seize each moment before it flies away.
For sweeter than the fragrant flower is each precious golden hour.
Make today your best day.
The power is yours alone.
Make today the happiest and the best you’ve ever known.
Yesterday is gone, as in a dream.
Tomorrow is a vision still unseen.
Today is yours to live.
It’s treasures you can use.
It can be your best day.
It’s up to you to choose

You Are Not Alone, a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Kit
Dedicated to our beloved sister and friend Anna Kovara
Font LDJ Lefthand Jam

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