Journaling read front page:
Gratitude for each new morning with its light,
for rest and shelter of the night,
for health and food, for love and friends,
for everything Thy goodness send.

Journaling read back page:
When life seems destitute, and beats you upside down,
morsels of gratefulness loosen, a smile from a frown.

Being grateful costs nothing, it’s yours for free.
Look all around you for your Gratefulness Inventory.

You get to choose your grateful ways, it’s up to you to say:
“Do I focus on my meager lacks, or be thankful one more day?”

If you crave inner peace, and are fed up with war;
choose gratefulness as the bedrock of your loving inner core.
(from here)

Old Scrabble Tiles Alphaphet by Lauren Bavin
Frosted by Michelle Coleman
ThamesCondensed, Fraktur-Schmuck, ParmaPetit, CIA Code 39 Medium Text, Times New Roman

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