there’s an annual fashion carnaval
held in jember, west java, indonesia called
jember fashion carnaval

it’s been 10 years but i can never go there.

they came to the mall near my house
and showed 7 costumes.

of course i didn’t miss the opportunity to see & take pictures of them.

the costumes are spectacular!!
it could weigh up to 20 kgs.
spanned around 3 meters wide and high.
those costumes required a good stamina to walk around with it

they paint their face beautifully
they create and perform different theatrical expressions

they dance, walk, and pose.
dance again… walk again… pose again…

they bring an unusual theme.
above is tsunami

at jember
the show is held on 3.6 kms “catwalk” city street
this event has been recorded in MURI ( Indonesia Record Museum ) as the fashion show with the longest catwalk

most of the models are college and school students
the model could be a girl when i think she’s a man
and vice versa

the ornaments put at the costume carefully
and it’s overwhelmed me to think about how they came up with the idea of putting all the elements together

good read & watch:

garuda magazine; jfc 10 (2011); jfc 9 (2010)

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  1. Posted October 1, 2011 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    wah Lyd, interesting sekali!! dan bagus banget foto elo!!!