i’m happy because i’m able to save 20 dvds photos from my ‘broken’ terrabyte disk

i’m sad because still many photos can’t be saved, all my design files and all my scrapbook layouts are gone forever

i’m still thinking about kungfu panda 2, harry potter 7.2 and transformer 3. we watch them on our independence day’s holiday (august 17, 2011)

we’ve never done this before…. 1+2 films in a row! **dizzy**

i am thankful for sweet friends: charlize, kitty and edeline. we share a mini freebie two days ago

my husband and i woke up late but amazingly our daughters arrived at their school on time!!

i discover the beauty of twitter and pinterest
i managed to connect the twitter with my fan page and mobile phone. i pinned a few beautiful colors and decide to move my inspiration library to the pinterest soon.

felicia sign her elementary school diploma… phewww… finally!!!

i found beautiful words on my email and feel an urge to share with you

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yupp … you got that right …
today we’re Indonesian people are celebrating our
independence day!

and four of Indonesian scrapbook designers has decided to team up and giveaway something today

lydia designs | kitty designs | edeline designs | studio charlize creations

you’ll get this mini for FREE!!!

you can get my part

and stop by to my friends blog
kitty’s blog | charlize’s blog | edeline’s blog
to get the whole part

enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

a painter paints pictures on canvas,
but musicians paint their pictures on silence
-leopold stokowski-

ยปยปยปยปยปยปยปยปยป โ€ข ยซยซยซยซยซยซยซยซยซ

available at oscraps
include 5 vintage stamped-frames

20% off
until august 3, 2011

enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a lesson we need to learn in life
– to be ourselves –
not an imitation or copy,
but be our 100 percent,
authentic selves.

This kit challenges you
to create layouts showcasing what makes you.
Be authentic
Be you!

35 papers solids and patterns
84 elements
33 wordarts
(featuring the words like
genuine, you, real,
authentic, original,
and quotes)

available here

my portion

and here are some inspirations from our fabulous ct: