May 1st, 2010 is the (i)National Scrapbooking Day. I think it’s the perfect time to ask ourself, “why I scrapbook?” For me, it is because I’m afraid that someday I will be too old to remember the precious moments which ever happen to me & my family.

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When you shift your mind into neutral and just let it idle, where do your thoughts go? Do you worry about money? We are to be careful with money, but Jesus taught that we are not to be full of care about it. If you have put your faith in the Lord, you don’t have to worry about life’s necessities. God Himself has assumed responsibility for your food and clothing—and all your needs.

When Jesus spoke of our need for food, He pointed to the birds, and said, “They neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matthew 6:26). That doesn’t mean we get what we need by doing nothing. Birds must scratch and search for food. The point is, they don’t worry about it.

Jesus instructed us to center our lives on God’s kingdom. Then clothing, food, and drink will be ours as well. Look at it this way: Whether or not you live only for money, you’ll ultimately leave it or it will leave you. But if you focus your life on God and doing His will, all these other things will be provided.

Does your concern for making money and keeping it overshadow your concern for doing God’s will? If so, stop and look at the birds. [Our Daily Bread July 8, 2005]

Although I’m not a photographer I ALWAYS happy become a person behind the camera. However, this kind of happiness bring a bit difficulties when I need my face on printing and when I need a photo of me & DH as a “happy couple”.

I hire my daughter, Felicia, as my (family) photographer, recently. So far, she proof herself talented [* I am so proud of her*] , however, she need a lot of practice. Though the results are not good and imperfect, I’m quite satisfied. She captured my face as much as I captured her face. Those imperfect can be fixed with Photoshop help.

Below are “a happy copule” pictures taken at February 13, 2010 while we had Chinese New Year Dinner. The restaurant was full and crowded. The lighting was bad and mommy forgot to set the apperture/shutter speed appropriately.

Click picture for larger view

I choose one of them (picture with border) to use as my 2010 official valentine picture 🙂 with some help from Photoshop CS3.

Click picture for larger view

Not bad, isn’t it?
Now I have “a happy couple” picture which ready to use for scrapbook page, wall hanging frame, cards, desktop wallpaper, etc.
For those whose interest to know how I did it, I write it down below, step by step. [Click on pictures for larger view]

Step 1. Open the photograph. With the photo open, press Ctrl+A to Sellect All. Then copy the whole thing by pressing Ctrl+C. Close the photograph (Ctrl+W). Create a new document (Ctrl+N), then paste the photograph by pressing Ctrl-V. Give a new name(which by default will be called Layer 1) Original Photo

Step 2. Duplicate Original Photo. Give it a new name EDIT: STEP 2. Set the blending mode to Screen and lower the opacity to 60%.

Step 3. I add a new adjustment layer: Layer>New Layer Adjustment>Color Balance (see setting below).

Step 4. I add a new adjustment layer again: Layer>New Layer Adjustment> Hue/Saturation (see setting below), then set the blending mode to Screen and lower the opacity to 60%.

Step 5. I add a new adjustment layer: Layer>New Layer Adjustment>Color Balance (see settings below)

Step 6. Now, it’s time to handle the background.
I select all layers (except Backgorund layer), then press Alt+Ctrl+E. It will make a new layer in the top. I rename it with EDIT: STEP 6
Add one new layer above and rename it with MY BACKGROUND by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N. Then, I fill it with two tone color behind (Love those colors ^_^).

Step 7. Next go to Layer>Layer Mask>Hide All. After that, I pick Soft Round Brush in various size and opacity and begin to paint the mask with white color.

Step 8. Cropping the result from step 7, give a white frame around and adding a wordart makes my photograph looks GREAT. I also make a Black-White version, it works well with any scrapbooking papers. (Layer>New Layer Adjustment>Hue Saturation: Hue 25, Saturation 10, Colorize Checked).

Thanks for reading!!!

I have symptoms: wearing my eyeglasses while working at my computer; get frequent headache; eye fatique and squint often; holding any reading materials at arm’s length in order to read them; set my 450D’s dioptic adjustment.

Early Diagnosis:

Getting Old

Supplies: Orator Std