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there’s an annual fashion carnaval
held in jember, west java, indonesia called
jember fashion carnaval

it’s been 10 years but i can never go there.

they came to the mall near my house
and showed 7 costumes.

of course i didn’t miss the opportunity to see & take pictures of them.

the costumes are spectacular!!
it could weigh up to 20 kgs.
spanned around 3 meters wide and high.
those costumes required a good stamina to walk around with it

they paint their face beautifully
they create and perform different theatrical expressions

they dance, walk, and pose.
dance again… walk again… pose again…

they bring an unusual theme.
above is tsunami

at jember
the show is held on 3.6 kms “catwalk” city street
this event has been recorded in MURI ( Indonesia Record Museum ) as the fashion show with the longest catwalk

most of the models are college and school students
the model could be a girl when i think she’s a man
and vice versa

the ornaments put at the costume carefully
and it’s overwhelmed me to think about how they came up with the idea of putting all the elements together

good read & watch:

garuda magazine; jfc 10 (2011); jfc 9 (2010)

september 7th is my felicia’s birthday and i just finished scanning old photos of her a few days before (due to my broken terrabyte harddisk).

i decided a scrapbook album is a perfect gift for her

well… then… i created an artsy ‘aged’ papers, edited some photos, added a few embelishments, carefully choose bible verses, printed them, cut it into 5″x7″, bound it and taaadaaaaaa…

mom’s handmade album for felicia’s 12th birthday

but, hey…! it’s not just an album! it also a journal book… because i added some sketch papers and envelopes there.
felicia loves to write stories and i think it’s gonna be fun if she write on a journal book full of her old photos

i printed all photos with Epson L800, bound it with zutter, and added 2 piece matte/frosted plastic covers.

why 5″x 7″??
felicia said it’s perfect for her hands. not too small and not too big.
tirza said it’s cute.
i said it’s easy for me to print at fuji or kodak printing service; in case i doesn’t have a printer at home.

this is the opening page.
she’s so cute, isn’t it??… looking at this photo makes me realize how time flies so fast!

she’s start to crawling…
**i do my best to rescue those old photos.
most of the original were already blurred and spotted**

learning to walk

my photogenic…

… i regreat we didn’t had a digital camera at that time.

i start a digital era… with borrowed digi-camera from my sister in law…haha

first day of school!!

my little photo model.
she likes being photographed in a variety expression

almost 12… she doesn’t like being photographed! period!!!!
**but mom always win**

happy twelfth, dear….

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make an album (and or) journal book for your loved one.
i provide the quick pages at my store. just slip your photos, add some words, print it and bind it.
so easy!

you are as young as your faith,
as old as your doubt;
as young as your self-confidence,
as old as your fear;
as young as your hope,
as old as your despair.
– douglas mac arthur –

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i made a mini book for felicia’s 12th birthday using aged in elegance
* see next post to see the whole book *

Be Bold.
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layout by lydia designs

and here are some inspirations from our fabulous ct:

layout by clarabear layout by dumpty
layout by dumpty layout by dumpty
layout by madigirl layout by helenh

i’m happy because i’m able to save 20 dvds photos from my ‘broken’ terrabyte disk

i’m sad because still many photos can’t be saved, all my design files and all my scrapbook layouts are gone forever

i’m still thinking about kungfu panda 2, harry potter 7.2 and transformer 3. we watch them on our independence day’s holiday (august 17, 2011)

we’ve never done this before…. 1+2 films in a row! **dizzy**

i am thankful for sweet friends: charlize, kitty and edeline. we share a mini freebie two days ago

my husband and i woke up late but amazingly our daughters arrived at their school on time!!

i discover the beauty of twitter and pinterest
i managed to connect the twitter with my fan page and mobile phone. i pinned a few beautiful colors and decide to move my inspiration library to the pinterest soon.

felicia sign her elementary school diploma… phewww… finally!!!

i found beautiful words on my email and feel an urge to share with you

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