**All proceeds from the sales of this kit will be given to
the Red Cross Disaster Relief**

Community: a usually small, social unit of any size that shares common values.

Here in Digiland we have a community that not only allows us to share our creativity but also provides us an opportunity to meet people all over the world and form amazing friendships. Many of us may never meet in real life, but the relationships we form are as real as any. When a member of our community is hurt, it hurts our heart because there is so little we can do to help. Today is not that day where we can do nothing to help.

The owner of Oscraps is Vicki Stegall. She is from Moore, Oklahoma where the tornados hit on May 20th causing mass destruction in her town only a mile from her home. Vicki, her family and her friends were all safe. Although she had a lot of clean up, thankfully her home was spared from the destruction. Unfortunately, a lot of areas of her town were completely destroyed.

Upon hearing of the destruction, the Oscraps designers came together and decided the best way they could help out was to do what Designers do best…CREATE!!! So create they have…along with some fellow designers from the community, they have created an amazing MEGA Community Collaboration. None of the proceeds for this kit will be going to Vicki or her family, but to the community through the disaster relief efforts of the Red Cross. We have created a kit that offers hope, peace and togetherness, which is so often found after a community is broken. Everyone pulls together and helps each other out, despite what they are also going through.

May we present to you: an Oscraps & Friends Collaboration

After The Storm

Contributors: Alegna Designs, Allison Pennington, Amy Martin, Amy Wolff, Anna Aspnes, Ashalee Wall, Boutique Cute Doll, Charlize Creations, Crafty Button Designs, Danielle Young, Dido Designs, Dumpty Designs, Edeline Marta, Emily Merritt, Forever Joy, Heather T, Hondachicc, Jen Maddocks, Jenn Labre, Joanne Brisebois, Jodie McNalley, Jopke Designs, Laitha Designs, Laurie Ann, Lydia Designs, MaryPop, Maya de Groot, Merkeley Designs, Mommyish, Our Misadventures, Pink Reptile Designs, Sabrina’s Creations, Sabrina Dupree, Seatrout Scraps, Studio Tangie, Sue Cummings, TaylorMade Designs, The Hidden Heart, Three Paper Peonies, Timounette Designs, Tracy Martin, Val C Designs & Valorie Wibbens!

This collab will be available until July 15th only!

There are 3 different options:

$15 Collab Donation
$25 Collab Donation
$50 Collab Donation


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