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1 (one) 12×12 inch layered template in .psd file
1 (one) 12×12 inch layered template in .tiff file
1 background paper, 3 buttons, 1 page overlay, 1 digital stamp, 1 piercing and 2 wordarts INCLUDED, saved in seperated files.

Below is my daughter. She’s a cheerful girls almost the time, however there are some times when she’s very annoying. I LOVE her very much on both situation.

I give myself permission to rest and relax when I work too much, I feel stressed, I feel tired and drained most of the time, I feel helpless, trapped, and defeated, I loss of my motivation about everything, I feel alone in the world, I feel everyday is a bad day, I feel exhausted all the time, I feel overwhelmed, I feel I need to rest and relax.

When’s the last time you get rest and relax?

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available at Oscraps and Scrapbookbytes

8 word arts in clean & distress version (16 total)
10 wordbits
>> 26 .png, 300 dpi

available at Oscraps and Scrapbookbytes
*Please note: this paper pack was previously inside other store collaboration. Be sure you don’t have it before purchasing. Thanks a lot.*

You may freely copy, paste, and modify any of this color scheme for use on your own scrapbook projects large or small, commercial or non-commercial. You don’t have to ask permission to do so. You don’t need credit or Lydia Kurniawati. Just enjoy it!
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I wake up after about 4-5 hours of good sleep.

my eyes feels heavy, I have a slight headache and my whole body feels weak.

I don’t want to open my email and facebook.

I don’t want to read anything.

I don’t want to do anything.

I feel overwhelmed.

I feel lonely.

I can’t stop worrying about everything.

This morning…
I put my problems and worries in HIS hand. I believe HE will meet my needs and answers my prayers.

A question in my inbox:
Can I change the color of your wordarts from black to another color?
An answer from me:
Hi dear, off course you can change the color of my wordarts. Black is the default color that give you freedom to re-color it. Below are some of my favorite methods in Photoshop:

Recolor with Paint Bucket Tools
Open your image.
1. Choose a foreground color.
2. Select the Paint Bucket tools.
3. To fill only pixels contiguous to the one you click, select Contiguous. (leave Contiguous unselected to fill all similar pixels in the image)
4. Click the part of the image you want to fill.

Click image for larger view

Fill Layer With Color
Open your image
1. Choose a foreground color
2. Choose Edit > Fill to fill the selection or layer
3. In the fill dialog box, use this settings. Click OK

Click image for larger view

Apply an overlay layer style
Open your image
1. Click the Layer Style button at the bottom of the Layers palette and choose Color Overlay (or choose Layer > Layer Style)
2. Choose the color you wish (a dialog box will appear). Click OK
3. Click OK again

Click image for larger view

Add a New Adjustment Layer
Open your image
1.Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box

2. Select the Colorized option.
3. Slide the Saturation & Lightness to the right first (whatever value is OK).
4. Than adjust the Hue slider. Slide those three sliders until you get the color you wish.
5. You can change the color over and over again by clicking the thumbnail

Click images for larger view

Add a Clipping Mask
Open image.
1. Click ‘Create a new layer’ button at the bottom (or Choose Layer > New > Layer. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box)

2. Than choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask. You will see an arrow pointing to the layer below

3. After that you can either fill the layer with paint bucket or…..

4. brush with brush tool on the area you wish to recolor.

Click images for larger view

You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow -Harriet Martineau-

What’s done is done. What’s been said is said. we can’t undo the mistakes of yesterday. And occasionally they create the barriers blocking us today. However, we can make sure that our behavior today doesn’t contribute to unnecessary problems for tomorrow.

A negative attitude toward other people and toward life’s circumstances becomes habitual. Fortunately, a positive attitude does as well. The choice rests with each of us to respond in ways fitting to the preferred attitude.

How much easier all situations are when we are respectful, hopeful, and interested. Like-wise, the trivial matter can become a major catastrophe when we struggle unnecessarily and with carping egos. We make the world we find, at home, at work, and at play.

Excerpt from The Promise of a New Day. A Book of Daily Meditations by Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg

Happy Monday, friends…!!

Yay… weekend is here!

It’s time to take a break, relax my body and soul, away from computer and calm my heart ….

Someone said that “crochet mends the soul”, then here I am … into the crocheting adventure …

Highlight the fun and excitement of summer vacation with this sweet and vibrant template design. Preserve the joy and laughter you felt and make the memories last forever

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My two pager:

This is page 1

I flip the background paper & photos placement, below is page 2