I have no spring. So I scrap this moment. My Felicia shows her sticker with her baby sister.

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Kelly Thompson Mini Paper Flowers

Fonts PR8 Charade, Scriptina

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Elemental Scraps Zazzle Mega Kit
LDD Apprentice Program Lolovivi Mini Kit: heart stamp
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Promise Collection by Shabby Princess Designs
Wallflower by retrodiva {designs} & Label Trader

Fonts are
ThamesCondensed, Stereo, PR8 Charade, AnkeCalligraph, Keetano ATL My Gangsta, 3 grammes 5, Times New Roman

For Keisha, my friend’s daughter

Border Overlay and Heart Stamp by Lydia Kurniawati (silversword71)

Others are by Kelly Thompson:
Almost A Princess, A Little Touch of Preety, Mini Paper Flowers

Fonts are Wellsley, Champignon, Mary Jane Antique

Journaling read:
A child is like butterfly in the wind
some can fly higher than others
but each one flies the best it can
why compare one against the other?
Each one is different
each one is special
each one is beautiful

Cardboard Free, A Call Of the Wild, Overlay2, Painteria Vol.1, Say It With flowers, The notebook by Melgen Design
Mountain Valley by Melgen and Diamante Design
Simply Elegant No.4 by Janet Philips

BethHand, Porcelain, Baskerville Old Face

Journaling read:
Everybody is born to care. Its something we were meant to share, not to keep to ourselves all alone. If we make room for someone new, doesn’t mean that there’s less for you. Only mean that our circle has grown. Love knows, love grows bigger than before. In your heart there’s always more. It’s magic, the more you give it away the more love comes back to you everyday. You are my daughters and I am your mother, always forever wherever we go

Lolovivi Freebie Kit by LydiaK (silversword71) for LittleDreamerDesign Apprentice Program

Song Lyrics: Always More – Barbie The Island Princess

Fonts: Times New Roman, Liorah BT, Subway, Dominican, Carissma

My daughter trying to catch the eel on Indonesian Independence Day Celebration 2007. She’s my brave little girl..!!!

Mountain Valley by Melgen Design & Diamante Design
Journaling Pieces by Melgen Design
Sitting Pretty Alpha by Misty Cato
Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly, Cheryl